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Comedy material can come from just about anywhere when you know how to look for it.


Learn to take creative ideas and real life experiences onto the comedy stage and speaker's platform. The author of How To Be A Working Comic and Comedy FAQs And Answers returns with an innovative guidebook dedicated to creating and writing original comedy material. Written in a conversational and easy to read manner, Schwensen relies on nearly two decades of comedy workshop and coaching experiences to cover topics provided by aspiring comedians and humorous speakers.

  • Starting to write comedy material

  • Using your creative license

  • Is your talent jokes or stories?

  • Writing for your comedy voice

  • Comedy monologue writing techniques

  • Turn great writing into great performances

  • Write for conversations and not for reading

  • Getting your act together







Being original is a key element for success in the humor business. Following specific comedy writing formulas only succeeds in creating more copies of the same style. To stand out from the competition, Schwensen urges writers to explore their personal creativity and individual sense of humor through various writing methods. The final goal is simple - making audiences laugh.







The shared advice and writing techniques in this book come from workshop experience and collaborations that have helped literally hundreds of aspiring and working comedians and humorous speakers create and write comedy material.






"As anyone who's read How To Be A Working Comic, Comedy FAQs And Answers, or taken one of my workshops knows, I don't make this stuff up. It's either been learned through experience dealing with the best in the business, or told to me by comics, speakers, and writers who are all working in the industry." - Dave Schwensen




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