Reviews for How To Be A Working Comic


"Schwensen certainly knows the ins and outs of making it in comedy. (He) has put his knowledge to work in How To Be A Working Comic, a book that shows aspiring comics everything - from how to hire an agent to how to handle road gigs." - Chicago Tribune



"A MUST have!" - The Comic Bible



"Comedy is a serious business. Schwensen, in creating a 176-page labor of love and laughter, underscores just how serious a business it is." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Back Stage Books, NYC



"The volume is full of proactive ideas and hands-on experience... You'll find Schwensen's book a valuable resource no matter what career level you may have achieved." - Back Stage, The Performing Arts Weekly



"This instant industry classic is brimming with enough priceless tips on every aspect of comedy to help even the most clueless comedian write his own gags-to-riches story." - Spot Entertainment Magazine



"The final third of the book is loaded with anecdotes from comics including Drew Carey, Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff Dunham, Tommy Smothers and others whose experiences are fun to read even for non-comedians." - Springfield Illinois Journal Register



"Funny bones don't grow on trees... Dave Schwensen wrote the book on laughing all the way to the mike." - Charleston Gazette



"In addition to collecting how-to nuggets from his own experience, Schwensen had been catching up with his show biz buddies. The informal discussions evolved into a series of friendly interviews on how they got their start. Those gems have also found their way into the book." - News Leader



"Schwensen's book picks up where all the other books on stand-up comedy leave off. Do the tips work? Yes, according to the testimonials of the professional comics whose interviews make up the second half of the book." - Stand-Up Comedy Magazine



"The celebrity interviews are suitable for all readers. Fans may even discover some cool facts about their favorite funny men and women." - The Chronicle Telegram



"Dave Schwensen's spectacular book How To Be a Working Comic might very well be the best manual ever written on the comedy business. That's not to say this book is going to teach you how to be a stand-up comedian - he leaves the 'how to write a joke' theories to other teachers, only briefly touching upon the creative aspects of performing. Rather, Dave focuses his energies and experience into showing readers how to WORK in the business, once they've got those jokes written. Dave is quite familiar with both sides of the stage, and uses that knowledge to boil the myriad of tips, tricks, and lessons he's learned into easy-to-digest concepts for anyone who wants to know just how to book those first comedy gigs. Better yet, he follows up his own teachings with the thoughts of sixteen other top-name talents in the comedy field - ensuring that the reader receives an unbiased view on exactly where success lies, and how best to get there. An absolute must for anyone looking to work in comedy today." -




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